The importance of trust

In our previous post we outlined the Ignis Installations pledges, establishing some of the founding principles of how and why we do business.

However, in the jungle that is the heating and plumbing industry, not all conduct themselves with such virility. When you’re having your boiler installed or tended to, you want it done right and on time.

Our industry has been plagued with formulaic, tedious and contrived TV documentaries that talk of cowboy builders, bad boy plumbers and rip off Ronalds. They don’t exactly instil the most precious and vital ingredient in our industry – trust.

Trust is the backbone of all human communication and interaction, and our beloved industry has been plagued by a lack of it. It’s not enough to say that we’ll be better because you’ve heard that before. We have to show you that we’re better, and believe me we will.

If you ask Google about ‘Trust’ it responds with two great definitions: as a noun it is ‘firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something’, or as a verb ‘believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of.’

So how do we achieve trust? We can use the finest and most durable materials available on our jobs (which we do). We can send our workers on courses and bootcamps to broaden their skill sets and horizons (which we also do) and we could also ensure that each and every assignment is completed on time (we do that too). We could even grant a longer warranty period to our clients where we’ll come back out and fix any further mishaps for free (that’s our favourite one).

Don’t just take our word for it, look at our recommendations. They’re the bedrock of who we are. We don’t pay some spotty teenager to sit in his bedroom and give us five stars on Google – our online reviews are real and from real people. We primarily source business from word of mouth, the most authentic, true and pure form of marketing!

You can check out some of our recommendations in What they say.

Nobody knows more than us that trust isn’t bought – it’s earned – and here at Ignis Installations we will do our upmost to ensure that you never have to deal with a cowboy ever again.

Ignis Installations, the warmth of home for all your boiler repairs, service and boiler installations.

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