The Warmth of Home

I wouldn’t say that a person needs much to be happy, but we need to be warm. We need warmth of heart, warmth of soul and warmth of home.

Home is where our work is. It’s where we conduct and provide our services. As a company, we never underestimate the undertaking and sense of privilege we have when we walk through someone’s front door to look at their heating or boiler.

You have just let us into your most sacred and safe place and more often than not when that happens that sense of safety and calm is in jeopardy. A boiler is not a boiler, it’s the heart of a home and the pipes are its arteries. I suppose that makes us surgeons!

Our work is just as delicate and nuanced, and just as personal. You could even argue that we are saving lives. When winter or disaster strikes the cold won’t only turn your fingers blue, it will turn your thoughts and moods sour too.

We don’t ‘do’ jobs – we have duties. With duty, comes responsibility and with responsibility comes a code, of which we shall follow and abide by with great fortitude. Our enduring philosophy is ‘The Warmth of Home’ and that not only comes from what’s in the water, but from what’s in our blood and who we are.

Your boiler’s gone south and there’s no warm water, you’ll need a boiler service or boiler installation or just a small boiler repair. Your son’s football socks and kit were drying over the radiator and now they won’t be ready. Your daughter can’t wash her hair before she goes out for that big party and now her whole night is ruined and suddenly that paralysing blade of stress meanders down your spine, sending your entire being cold – maybe it’s time for a new boiler?

The first thing to make this poor soul warm wasn’t the warm water that would be pouring out of the taps and shower thirty minutes later, or the cup of tea that would be accompanied with a chocolate digestive, it was the smile on the man’s face as he stepped out of the Ignis van.

Like I said, the warmth of home isn’t in the pipes – it’s in who we are.

It’s in this moment we would like to lay out our pledges:

  1. The first source of warmth we work on and make sure is working is ourselves. There will never be a day where we don’t have a smile on our faces.
  2. We shall respect and tread in your home as if it’s our own.
  3. We will tell you how long it will take – and stick to those dates.
  4. To use the finest and most reliable materials available to complete each and every assignment.

With these universal rules outlined and now etched in stone we can begin our duty.

Ignis Installations, the warmth of home.

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