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Why us

Why choose Ignis Installations?

Ignis Installations is owner run by Mark and Matthew who have an unrivalled level of experience stemming from over a combined 20 years’ experience both with British Gas and within the heating and plumbing industry. Their hands on experience and unrivalled customer service puts Ignis Installations streets ahead of their competitors.

Mark Hallett

Mark’s career began with a detailed apprenticeship within British Gas. After this Mark moved on to British Gas servicing, maintaining and repairing 8-10 boilers per day for 10 years with a first time diagnostic rate of over 90%! With this level of skill and expertise Mark soon became the Lead Technical Support engineer for his local area – fixing the jobs that others couldn’t! This was a sign of things to come.

Mark and Matthew’s relationship began at school. Their strong friendship, trust and mutual respect are just some of the reasons why they make a great team and each of these qualities has helped build a strong foundation for their company, Ignis Installations.

Matthew Mackenzie

Matthew also completed a strict British Gas apprenticeship before moving into the installation side of the business. He averaged 120 boiler installations per year for over 10 years. Matthew then became the Lead Engineer supporting the British Gas sales team with technical training and surveying jobs that were deemed too technically challenging for the installation team, therefore ensuring a smooth and positive customer experience.

Both Mark and Matthew have a strong belief that investing in our younger generation is better for business and the economy. Ignis Installations are now offering full apprenticeships to help young people start their careers and learn a trade. This approach ensures that Mark and Matthew can develop their workforce and instil their passion, quality and consistency of service that sets Ignis Installations above all others.